Nosak Healthcare introduces Nosbrite Toothpaste, Lozenges

NOSAK Healthcare, an indigenous company in the health sector, has introduced two new products – Nosbrite Toothpaste and Nosbrite Lozenges – into the Nigerian market.

The company, with over 35 registered drugs, recognised the gap in dental and oral hygiene and has responded by developing a unique formula with our foreign partners to develop the two products meant to resolve and totally prevent or treat commonly occurring oral challenges.

According to the Product Manager, Nosak Healthcare, Alex Meseko, “people, who smoke, use tobacco, caffeine and drink are more predisposed to oral challenges, which may include bacterial/fungi infection, sensitive tooth, coloured tooth, halitosis (smelling mouth), oral cancer, inflammation (swelling gum), holes in tooth, among others.

“Oral care is very important and requires a lot of attention. To achieve optimum care, everyone is expected to brush twice daily, floss the tooth after meals, do scaling and polishing twice a year for adults, in order to remove plaque.

“Some denitrifies like mouth washing may be necessary to rinse the mouth as directed by dentist. All these are sometimes difficult to adhere to by most people, hence the prevalence of issues with their teeth.”

He noted that in combating these oral challenges, the existing regular toothpaste containing fluoride or potassium nitrate (for sensitive tooth) has limitation, hence the use of antibiotics pills recommended by dentist to combat these problems.

Listing the benefits of the products, he said that Nosbrite Toothpaste has unique active constituents like bowman birk inhibitor, a recognised anticancer molecule with FDA since 1992 and a record of positive clinical trials, which is extracted from soybeans.

Meseko listed triclosan- known antibacterial, anti fungi and anti-inflammatory molecule widely use in U.S.A and Europe in toothpaste, potassium nitrate, an established molecule for relieving pain due to sensitive tooth and fluoride, anticaries agent, which strengthens tooth enamel, as the contents of the products.