Nosak Group appoints Dr. Goddie Isibor as CEO, Manufacturing Business Group and Mr Alex Osunde as CEO, Service Business Group

Dr. Goddie O. Isibor, holder of a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering from Cranfield Univeristy Berfordshire, England, brings a wealth of experience which he gained during his employment as Managing Director, BUA Sugar Refinery; Marketing Director, Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Sales Director, Raleigh Industries Plc; Head Production Materials Control, SPDC and Chairman, Anza Micro Finance Bank. He is also a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Science & Business Administration from Benson Idahosa Univeristy.

Further to the above, the Service Business Group would be headed by Mr. Alex Osunde as the CEO, Service Business Group. Mr. Alex Osunde is an experienced Merchant Banker and Legal Practitioner with more than 25 years post-qualification experience in Consulting, Industry and Banking. He previously served as the Group Managing Director of Nosak Group.