NDL Trains Employees On Corporate CPR


In a distillation plant like Nosak Distilleries Limited, the safety of employees is very important in view of the volatility and flammability of ethanol. As such, the management places adequate safety

measures and fire-fighting equipment including fire hydrants and extinguishers to combat any fire incidence.

At the usual ‘Toolbox Session’ held every Tuesday, the September 10, 2019 edition was special as the HSE Officer, Sheriff Ovie Okudor trained the team on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), a life-saving technique that helps maintain blood flow to the brain and heart in any emergency where someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.

This was a demonstration of the management’s quest to promote workplace safety and emergency preparedness.  According to the Managing Director, Osaro Omogiade, “The training was put together to demonstrate our dedication to staff’s health and safety as we empower them with the skills to provide first aid at work and even at home”.

The HSE Officer explained that the application of “Recovery Position Technique” is a method where an unconscious person who is breathing is placed on their side and into the recovery position to prevent emesis (stomach content) from getting into the lungs, a condition known as aspiration. In this position, he said, “when a foreign substance is aspirated into the lungs; bacteria not commonly found in the lungs can be carried along. The recovery position helps the victim to drain out stomach contents in case anything is regurgitated”.

He further explained that when oxygenated blood does not flow to the brain in a minute or less; it leads to death of the victim. CPR as a life saving technique tends to defibrillate the heart, adequately and efficiently distributes oxygenated blood to all perfused aveoli and pulmonary capillary blood flow.

The management of Nosak Distilleries is committed to carrying out continuous Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) trainings for employees to be well grounded on the necessary steps to take in case of emergency.