nosak healthcare


Vision Statement

To be a major player in the provision of healthcare products in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

To provide quality healthcare products using global best practices.


Nosak Healthcare is the pharmaceutical arm of the group. Established in 2008, it is affiliated to major global players in the healthcare industry in Europe and South East Asia.

Nosak Healthcare is a member of various trade and professional bodies throughout the country including the Association of Pharmaceutical Importers of Nigeria, National Association of Industrial Pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. With a robust product profile, Nosak Healthcare has local and foreign manufacturing contracts for various drug labels including: Nosak Baby Cough Mixture, Kofsil with Codeine Cough Mixture, Gentamicin Eye Drops, Miank Skin Cream, Sumocef Injection, Nosbrite Toothpaste and Lozenges and many others.