Nosak Group Holds 2018 Management Retreat

Strategy and planning has proven to be the bedrock of most successful businesses. At Nosak Group, we ensure this is done at the beginning of every business year.

Every year, the Management of Nosak Group retreat to effectively strategize for the upcoming year. During the retreat, both internal and external facilitators critically examine the economy to draw inferences for each subsidiary while devising strategies to improve business performance.

The theme for this year; “Win and Consolidate” aims to communicate the need for each business unit to win in their various sectors in terms of sales, customer service, innovation and asset base thereby strengthening their leadership position and increasing market share.

The Group Chairman Dr. Toni Ogunbor in his opening speech gave a brief history on the Nosak Group dream and why it is important for business leaders to be hard working and committed to their goals. He further stated that as a business, we must continually imbibe the culture of ownership and entrepreneurship for Nosak Group to Win and Consolidate.

Mr Thomas Oloriegbe the Group Chief Operating Officer in his remark related leaders to conductors in a music orchestra. As a CEO, MD or GM, you are the leader of your team; in other words, you own the symphony, rhythm and harmony of conducting your business.

An orchestra conductor faces the ultimate leadership challenge: to create pure harmony without uttering a word. A business leader is similar, as he/she needs to create the perfect “harmony” while managing a business.

In conclusion the GCOO encouraged SBU leaders to always mine feedback from their team to know if they feel treated as instruments or as partners. He stated, “Great conductors get the best out of their people; they ensure their musicians feel significant and secure. A business leader needs his followers and needs to take time to develop them by engagement and mentorship”.

The retreat, which was facilitated by Wright & Co ended with each business leader presenting plans and strategies to move their respective businesses forward in the year 2018.

View pictures from the retreat below.