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To foster an environment of success that supports each subsidiary in becoming the dominant player in the sector serving tomorrow’s market today.


To be a reputable organisation recognised for quality products and services, delivering value to all its stakeholders.


We are Nosak Group – a proudly Nigerian industrial group with diversified interests in the Nigerian economy. We lead the way in our fields of play, which embraces the West African sub region.

The Nosak Group is made of subsidiaries that benefit from strong regional and international alliances. We are administered in the best traditions of entrepreneurship. Our distinguishing virtues are built upon strict adherence to quality, product, integrity, and an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction. We are constantly seeking opportunities to add value to the prosperity of the country, its people, and all our stakeholders. Thinking locally but acting globally, we serve tomorrow’s markets, today.

In 1984, in the city of Kano, a seed of entrepreneurship was sown. From a retail shop selling soft drinks and snacks, the seed grew into the retail trade, ice block manufacturing, transportation, distribution, importation until finally, this seed became Nosak Group.

Today, Nosak Group is a key player in the Nigerian economy, offering vital services in retail, manufacturing, logistics, finance, agriculture, real estate, and international trade. Thanks to a deep understanding of the Nigerian market and a network of local and international alliances.

As many chapters make a good storybook, our subsidiaries make up crucial chapters of the story of the Nosak group and they make it a great story to tell. It all started with Nosak Agencies Limited in 1984, the pioneer company in the group which specialized in the importation and marketing of ethanol.

Today, it has grown and evolved into the investment arm of Nosak Group. The second chapter of the Nosak story is somewhat a natural progression to the manufacturing of ethanol and other industrial and consumer-based chemicals through Nosak Distilleries. Incorporated in 2001, today, Nosak Distilleries is the largest manufacturer of ethanol in Nigeria with a storage facility of 24 million liters and currently controls more than 65% of the domestic supply market. It owns and operates a modern distillery for ethanol production at Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout in Lagos. With an installed capacity of 500,000 litres of ethanol per day, Nosak Distilleries Limited expects to meet 70% of the local demand for ethanol and other industrial chemicals in Nigeria.

To further capture the market for industrial chemicals, Zex Standard Pharmaceuticals Limited was established to import and trade chemicals like ethanol and other pharmaceutical raw materials. With facilities around Lagos, Zex Standard Pharmaceuticals is positioned to be the foremost provider of pharmaceutical chemicals in the country.

Located in Benin, Saturn Farms Limited is an integrated oil palm plantation with a total acreage of over 1,300 hectares. It also operates a modern oil mill with a capacity of 660 metric tonnes of red oil per annum Saturn Farms employs over 170 workers and is the first of the Group’s agro-allied projects.

As a need to optimise the 1,300 hectares of oil palm farm at Saturn Farm, Nosak Farm Produce Limited was established. Nosak Farm Produce Limited is a 200 tonne capacity fully automated vegetable oil refinery with 12 tanks measuring 2.7 million litres. It is strategically located at Apapa with a 3 kilometer pipeline from ABTL to Alapata to Waziri Jetty. Nosak Farm Produce recently acquired additional 16,500 hectares of land in Edo State for oil palm cultivation. This is towards the expansion of the refinery from 200TPD to 1,000TPD within the next 2 to 3 years. The Nosak Famili Oil brand of cooking oils are now available in stores nationwide. This venture further represents the Group’s commitment to taking full advantage of Nigeria’s abundant agricultural resources for the benefit of the country and its people

enterpriseassetleasing limited

ECP Insurance Brokers Limited, the insurance brokerage firm of Nosak Group specializes in providing superior intermediary services in risk management and insurance consulting in Nigeria and globally.

Enterprise Asset Leasing is the financial intermediary and equipment leasing firm of the Group. Since incorporation in 2008, Enterprise Asset Leasing has built a reputation for passionately and professionally delivering value-added lease financing services and other ancillary services to our growing clientele.

At Nosak, people are our greatest assets. So, we have assembled a team of sound professionals in different areas to deliver our different goals and objectives through training and refresher courses in prestigious institutions such as the Lagos business, the Nosak group with its group of highly skilled professionals is poised to take on the challenges and opportunities in the Nigeria economy.

The Nosak story is a narrative of an entrepreneur, Mr Toni Ogunbor whose visionary leadership continues to create more and more chapters in the unfolding Nosak story.

As we forge forward and chart new waters, we will remain true to our calling: creating value as we meet the needs of our growing economy.