General Manager. Maclean Apaifi

Enterprise Asset Leasing Limited, a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Nosak Group has stated commitment to providing corporate clients with finance lease for the acquisition of fleet operations to increase their businesses and foster efficiency.

According to the company, the Enterprise Operating Lease is a cost-effective alternative to business loans or equity funding and will allow clients to transfer the value of their fleet off their balance sheet. With this, capital is released into their business, increasing cash flow, and converting their fleet to ongoing operating expenses.

Speaking on the service, the General Manager, Maclean Apiafi stated that the Enterprise Operating Lease is an offering that will enable corporate organizations to focus their capital cost on other projects while paying monthly rent for their fleet operations. “With this special product, organizations have the opportunity to channel resources to other projects amid the dwindling disposable income due to rising foreign exchange, requiring more Naira to keep up the current level of disbursement.”

Apiafi added that the product eliminates the concern of depreciating vehicle assets from clients’ businesses. As the lease nears its contract expiration date, clients are presented with the options to choose their next step from a range of end-of-lease options including upgrading to newer models of vehicles, extending their current lease, or returning the vehicles.

Enterprise Asset Leasing has also made available an Enterprise Personal Loan product that provides a special financing window for qualified employees of reputable organizations to avail themselves of a six to eight-month tenured loan to discharge personal obligations without necessarily providing security. The companies should be seen to have good business ethics and a well-structured Human Resource department.

As a measure to help finance businesses and promote Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs), Enterprise Business Loan has been developed to enable eligible customers or clients to fund their Local Purchasing Order (LPO), invest in new equipment, or simply borrow for working capital. With this product, Enterprise Asset Leasing Limited will provide funding to give businesses a boost at a flexible tenor and affordable interest rates.

Enterprise Asset Leasing Limited is a financial intermediary and equipment leasing firm with over 10 years of professional experience providing value-added lease financing services (Operating and Finance Lease), Sale & Lease Back, Fleet and Treasury Management services to people and reputable companies across diverse sectors of the economy.