At the Group’s headquarters in Ogudu, Lagos, the annual International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration was held with participation from all female employees. Other female employees from the subsidiaries in Apapa, Amuwo, and Benin joined the hybrid event on the Teams platform.


The Group Executive Director (GED) of Treasury and Asset Management, Nosak Group, Mrs Iyobo Innih, stated the theme for the year is “Embrace Equity” and that it is about inclusivity. According to her, “Not only should women have equal rights at work, but systemic impediments in the areas of politics, family, healthcare, education, and career should also be removed to improve the lot of women.”


Continuing further, she called on Nosak Women to show equity at work, at home, and in their sphere of influence. “In order to put yourself on the path of greatness as women, you need to be aware of where you are now and where you want to be. You must also become your own strongest supporter by speaking up for yourself. When you speak up, you are sure to receive the necessary assistance and support in the form of specialized trainings, mentorship, or tutorship programs, which will promote your career development.”


She urged all staff members of Nosak Group to work toward establishing equity in the company and across their social strata by making sure that all women have an equal chance to withstand, survive, manage, and confront any circumstance. ” You don’t have to change the world; you just have to change one life. Even if you only act as a friend or ally to someone who faces obstacles, you can encourage equity in your neighbourhood,” she added.


The highpoint of the celebration was the Nosak Women’s visit to Little Saints Orphanage (Ogudu Centre), where they donated food items including Nosak Famili Pure Vegetable Oil and Palm Oil to commemorate the IWD with the children.



A cross section of female employees during the 2023 celebration of International Women’s Day at the Head Office