Nosak Group Management Stresses On Mental Health Awareness


Employees of the Group recently had a webinar on Mental Health Awareness through the Nosak Learning Centre. The webinar is part of managements concern on the mental wellbeing of employees in a period tensed with economic, health, and social uncertainties.  

The theme of the webinar, ‘Managing Mental Health and Stress in an era of Uncertainty’ was delivered by Dr. Babatunde Fadipea Consultant Psychiatrist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Dr. Fadipe among other things highlighted the common causes of stress, reasons why people are continually at the risk of getting stressed, and the different mechanisms available to cope with stress.  

He noted that mental health is fundamental to humans’ collective and individual abilities as it affects their emotions, thought processes, and manner of interaction with others. Adding further, he said, “stress is the body’s automatic response to threats and while it is expected as a normal part of the human cycle, especially in light of the current dispensation, allowing stress to build over a long period would be detrimental to one’s health. 

On stress coping mechanisms, the Doctor emphasized that seeking a support system, seeking verifiable information, setting smart goals, adopting healthy exercises, avoiding drug abuse, and engaging in open communications would help anyone to effectively manage stress levels 

In his remarks, the Group Managing Director, Mr. Thomas Oloriegbe appreciated the Consultant Psychiatrist for the insightful session, noting its relevance amidst the worrying state of developments in the country. 

He used the opportunity to advised employees to be cautious of their stress levels and manage their mental health properly to avoid straining their relationship with fellow colleagues, customers, and other relevant stakeholders.