GCOO Charges Employees to be The Best From The Rest

The Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO), Mr. Thomas Oloriegbe at the recently held town hall meeting charged staff members of Nosak Group to distinguish themselves from the multitude in order to be the best in all their endeavors.

He stated this in his opening remarks which began with a brain teaser puzzle to test employees on their capability and smartness in brainstorming activities. He used the results from the puzzle to admonish the employees to endeavor to stand out in their various duties. “You must separate yourself from the rest to be the best and this is by being diligent and showing commitment to work”, he enthused.

Following his remarks, employees took turns to ask questions on various aspects or issues as it affects the work environment. The GCOO and the Acting Head of Human Resources, Mrs. Judith Aikhojie responded to the questions satisfactorily.

The town hall meeting served dual purpose with the presence of the medical team from the company’s HMO (Health Management Organisation) partner, Sunu Health. In his presentation, the team lead, Dr. Osinachi Onyeoziri spoke on the topic, HEALTHY LIVING – A matter of choice. He said, “the human capital of any organization functions well when the employees are in a state of complete mental, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing”.

Dr. Onyeoziri continued that healthy lifestyle choices of employees will enable the organization function optimally. “Organizations require healthy men and women to achieve her vision and mission statements”, he said.

The highpoint of the town hall meeting was the free medical check conducted by the Sunu Health team for all employees of the Group office. Employees were conducted general body vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart beat rate, weight and height to measure the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Senior management and other staff members participated in the exercise, which gave them the opportunity to know their current health status and areas where they need to pay attention after consulting with the medical Doctor.