Nosak Group Chairman Awarded a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management

Dr. Toni Ogunbor, the Chairman of Nosak Group, a mentor and an exceptional leader with notable and infectious managerial and leadership qualities, has recently been awarded a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management (FNIM).

Sir, we, the Nosak family, say congratulations on this big achievement. This is another success, which clearly speaks of your hard work, talent, and selfless service to society.

You simply deserve this mainly because you never give up.
The news of your winning the award did not come as a surprise to us. Having known the amount of hard work you put in everything you do, this award is a recognition of your Managerial talent.
We would like you to know that you are such a good example because you have shown us that being diligent and passionate to work is very important in achieving dreams.
Congratulations once more on this new milestone.

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