Nosak Group Promotes Team Building With Famili Outing


The popular saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” came to the fore when the work, work, and work attitude was laid to rest over the weekend by employees of Nosak Group. This was made possible as management entertained employees with the first of its kind ‘FAMILI’ outing at Omu Resort in Lagos.

No doubt it was exciting for employees who participated as they were thrilled to a number of activities championed by the Corporate Services department in conjunction with the team building personnel of the resort.

At the announcement of the Famili Outing on July 1st, the momentum immediately began to inflate day by day in anticipation for the date as people looked forward to Saturday, August 3rd. The anticipation grew with so much expectations on the eve of the outing – August 2nd as  staffers chanted the usual TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) knowing well that the Famili day was finally at hand.

Alas! We were awake to the outing day (D-Day). In a shortly while in the early hours of Saturday, participants crowded the corporate head office. It was a colorful gathering seeing everyone in their element outside the usual corporate dress code. The joy, the expressions, the glamour was a sight to behold.

On arrival at the resort, staffers in excitement walked in pairs in admiration of the ambiance at the resort located in a rainforest environment and bordered at the north by a portion of the lagoon river.

Participants were later distributed across five teams to contest for the various team building activities. While the activities were on, the atmosphere was filled with energy, passion, and intrigue among senior management staff down to the junior staff. It was a mix of participants and they all battled in the games to win points for their teams.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Group Executive Director, Corporate Services, Osagie Ogunbor expressed his delight to see the fun side of the employees. “I am particularly glad to see this day come through and to see employees having fun out of the usual work environment. This is a special day in the Group as we hold our first ever Famili Outing. Our aim is to engage staff members in team building activities and endear a work-life balance for employees as well as motivate people with our new socio-cultural transformation”.

He further assured the staff that events of this nature would become regular to increase team building and bonding activities among employees across the Group. “Our desire is to create an enabling environment and execute initiatives that will inspire employees to become more productive in their respective SBUs (Strategic Business Unit)”.

Osagie used the occasioned to call on all employees of the Group to embrace the digital transformation initiatives which is a lot of investment to achieve a better work environment. “The world is moving fast on digital trends, we encourage everyone to exercise their computer skills and make good use of our digital investment in the intranet – N-Gage and other platforms. We are building an organization that will be an admiration where people would aspire to work. This can only happen when we all work in one accord to achieve our digital transformation agenda.”