Nosak Learning Centre Gets CMD Accreditation, Senior Managers Now Certified Trainers


The Nosak Centre has been granted full accreditation by the Centre for Management Development (CMD). This was announced by the Group Head of Human Resources, Mr. Idoni George Amahian in a mail circulated to All Staff.

In the mail, he said “By this status, all trainings offered by the Nosak Learning Centre have been given a seal of approval, authentication and recognition.” In the same light, he added that all Senior Managers who went through the process of accreditation as Resource Persons and Faculties have also been accredited as Management Trainers.

The Centre will hence offer certified standard courses and will be able to run trainings for as many staff as possible; and award them nationally recognised training certificates.

This laudable feat has further positioned Nosak Group as an organization committed to providing learning opportunities and professional development for her workforce.